Monitoring & Data Management

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In progress ….

Mass WordPress

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Over years of supporting different large blog networks that were built and run without a good strategy on hosting resources, updates and maintenance we learn about many different issues all share, like disk inode shortage or the best way to handle 1000+ wordpress and plugins coherently over different servers.

So we finally turn all this knowdalage and experience into developing our own custom Mass WordPress hosting platform from the ground using some great technologies like:

  • #git to handle wordpress and plugin updates
  • #wp-cli slightly modified to support our WP API stuff
  • #nginx because we love it!
  • #php-fpm fast + capabilities to isolate users/blogs/networks in different pools
  • #percona sql server innodb foo
  • #piwiki we love to have metrics

We are actually running networks with over a thousand blogs in a single dedicated server receiving over half a million visits per day. If you want more info feel free to contact us or look at our blog for more info about #MassWordpress.

Servers / Hosting plans

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Currently we offer three different starting plans and you can always upgrade your plan to a bigger one later if you know your monthly needs of premium support will keep growing. We can either work with your servers or provide you one according to your needs. All plans are per dedicated server you own.
In case you are looking for a fresh solution, what we recommend is to start by getting a good server to take advantage of virtualization technologies (we mostly use Citrix Xen) to deploy as many virtual servers as you need over just a single dedicated server easily and fast.
We have been running this kind of architecture on production for enough time to trust it’s and scale it up as needed: each server use the resources it needs without having to share either information or resources with other virtual servers and in case some virtual server is compromise others wont be at risk.

Lite Plan:  This plan only includes monitoring 24/7. Setup it’s free and it costs 50 USD per month

Requirements: One time root access to the server to install and configure our monitoring agent.


  • Server Monitoring 24/7
  • E-mail/SMS notification upon failure detection to the server sysadmin.
  • 24/7 Mobile phone number to contact in the event of  an emergency.
Notice: It doesn’t include automatic support on incidents, it won’t wake up our staff. It’s up to the customer to enable automatic support. In that case we will take care of whatever happens to your server and charge you the hours worked at the end of the month.

Basic Plan: The price it’s 250 USD per month.

Requerimientos:  Root access to the server.


  • Server Monitoring 24/7
  • E-mail/SMS notification upon failure detection to the server sysadmin.
  • 24/7 Mobile phone number to contact in the event of  an emergency.
  • Up to 5hs of monthly incidents/maintenance  (24/7).
The automatic support on emergencies it’s enabled as long the monthly five hours are not reach. From there customer must tell us that he want us to keep taking care upon failure without confirmation and we will charge the extra hours worked at the end of the month.

Premium Plan: This plan cost  400 USD per month

Requirement: Root access to the server


  • Server Monitoring 24/7
  • E-mail/SMS notification upon failure detection to the server sysadmin.
  • 24/7 Mobile phone number to contact in the event of  an emergency.
  • Up to 15hs of monthly incidents/maintenance  (24/7).
Extra Hourly Rates:
Who When Incidents Support
Customers Mo to Fr, 9-20hs 50USD 50USD
Customers Non Office hours 50USD 100USD
Non customers Mo to Fr, 9-20hs 100USD* 100USD*
Non customers Non Office hours 150USD* 150USD*

*For non customers minimum ticket duration is two hours

Adsense Publisher Checker

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The group Guruhub has designed a tool for the control of Web Site to manage projects of publicity. It is completely free.
It consists in the control of the code of the web site to detect unauthorized publicity. When the unauthorized publicity is detected an alert will be sent via e-mail with the characteristics of that particular publicity.

The revision will take place each 60 minutes. It will be possible to check where the traffics come from, from 36 different geographic points. So, AdSense from other accounts won´t be showed.

It is easy. You have to register the dominium you want to check and the code will be re-sent. Id it is correct, it will be registered and then comparisons will be made with it. It starts to work immediately.

With this method, you achieve an automatized and effective control of your business. This tool is free for twenty domains. For more domains you can contact us for a better service.

Cloud Cache

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The CloudCache Alternative:

CloudCache is a new service yet in beta that we plan to public release on March 2011. Basically it’s a cloud service for web cache with a system of pay as you go.

The main objectives of the service is to allow companies to prevent traffic spikes due to good press from degrading their visitors user experience.
Other good features it provides are: reducing real server load to a tenth, adding a layer of security, and guarantee response times of less than 600ms even under traffic spikes.
Besides this, it’s completely transparent to the real web server in the back, it does not require any kind of access to the web servers of our customers, customers only need to change an IP in their DNS and they are all set.

Currently it’s on Beta stage and we have only a few customers using it who between all of them we are providing around three million page views per day.
This depending on the rate of page per visitor of each of their sites would result in between 500k and a million visits per day.

Our service rates are based in total transfer bandwidth required for the cache service therefore it’s impossible for us to guess how much bandwidth would require a site for 500k visits per day. We have checked other customers numbers and we have found sites with 500k visits range between 4TB and 10TB depending on the type of content, cache rules and site content optimization.

The main advantage in using CloudCache vs self hosting infrastructure is that we currently have already a high availability setup inside OVH France datacenter and as we grow and add more servers to the cloud we plan to be able to support high availability in different datacenters/continents without meaning any extra costs to our users.

The only disadvantage versus self hosting is that you don’t own the cache technology and therefore you will have to rely on us for
caching. The good news is that you still own your technology and our cache service does not require from you to provide any  access to your server. Our service it’s completely transparent and does not require any kind of special access to your websites technology. If you don’t want to work with us anymore or you can’t rely on us anymore, you just change your IP in your DNS and you don’t need us anymore.

In case you are interested in became user of our service we would recommend you to just use current available plans until you reach a monthly transfer of more than 5TB for three consecutive months, in which case we would agree to provide a special reduced price for you.

Current CloudCache Plans based on monthly total bandwidth:
Disk Quota Price
50GB 15USD. Extra 10GB would cost 3.00USD
50GB 15USD. Extra 10GB would cost 3.00USD
250GB 50USD. Extra 10GB would cost 2.00USD
1000GB 100USD. Extra 10GB would cost 1.50USD
2000GB 150USD. Extra 10GB would cost 1.00USD
5000GB 250USD. Extra 10GB would cost 0.50USD

Please keep this rates confidential, as the service it’s not public we really would like to keep a low profile in the market. We reserve the right to change those rates between today and the release day. In any case we will honor the prices gave on this quote.