How to install mongoPress on Debian 6

Posted abril 9th, 2012 in Operations, Web Development by Gastón Acosta Ramas

Here i will explain you how i’ve installed MongoPress into a debian squeeze box:

First of all we need a basic webserver, in this case i’ve installed apache but it works with nginx too.

it’s important to install php5-gd package, because it’s a MongoPress requisite.

Now install MongoDB.

add mongodb repo for debian.

install via apt-get

Now we need php5 driver for MongoDB.

run following commands only if you don’t have pecl installed yet.

install php5-mongo via pecl

now we have to enable the extension in php.ini
by adding this line in php.ini

We have the server ready to receive MongoPress!!
configure an apache VirtualHost, with rewrite allowed. and in the document root for this VHost run:

now open the browser and follow mongopress installation process.

I recommend you to use RockMongo wich is similar to PHPMyAdmin but for MongoDB.