What does support solves?

Our support involves all basic setup as well as all basic and advanced mainteinance of your IT infrastructure.

It covers installation, maintenance and security updates of the following technologies: Apache, DNS, Debian, Graphite, IIS, Lighttpd, Linux, MSSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, NodeJs, PHP, VMWare, Xen, XenServer, WordPress, Zabbix.

We also cover mainteinance of the following technologies: Heartbeat, GlusterFS, Mysql Replication, Load Balancers, Application Firewalls (Mod_Security, Naxi, etc), Openx, IDS’s, VPN’s, Backups. But these technologies setup falls under Consultancy rate, support is restricted to mainteinance related tasks only.

How to contact our Support?

You can contact us from Monday to Friday between 9:00 UYT (12:00 GMT) to 18:00 UYT (21:00 GMT).  You can find us through Skype (guruhub_support), E-mail (, Phone (+59899763902, +59898674020).  On our worsts days tickets response is up to two hours and normally it’s around 30 minutes.

Support Prices

For customers with servers hosted by GuruHub support price is fixed at 25.00 USD / Hour.

For customers with self hosting but setup done by GuruHub, support price is fixed at 35.00 USD / Hour.

For non-customers, our prices are as follow:

Pay as you go: 50.00 USD / Hour

40hs Package: 35.00 USD / Hour

80hs Package: 25.00 USD / Hour

All prices are without taxes, taxes are only applicable if your company is located in Uruguay.