Help, I’ve an emergency.

Please give us a call to +59899763902 or +59898674020.

Emergency Rates

Emergency rate is the same as premium consultancy: 100.00 USD / Hour.

Minimum billing is two hours and from there you are billed each fifteen minutes.

We provide great discounts in our hourly rate to those who buy in advance emergency hours, contact us at sales@guruhub.com.uy for a quote.


Three quick questions we will ask

What it’s priority #1, It’s any downtime acceptable?

Do you have a plan B, Are you already implementing a mitigation plan ?

Can you provide a technical contact?


Tips  to be ready for an Emergency

Do you have datacenter contacts information and control panel credentials for datacenter remote services? Do you have a KVM connected to your server?

Do you have root credentials or vpn credentials for the affected services and the machines hosting the service or in the middle between the service and customers (proxies, load balancers, etc)?

Have you already signed the customer contract with GuruHub? It’s free and mandatory.