How does consultancy work?

Consultancy solves any IT problem you may have, any assistance you may need, if we can’t provide it we will at least point you to whoever does. The only limit we place is the scheduled time. Consultancy tasks must be scheduled with three days in advance.

We know about a wide range of opensource technologies and we are big fans of learning new technologies.  We focus on three main areas: metrics & real time, automation & development and system/network operations. Below is a brief description of some of the work we have done in those areas.

Metrics & Real Time

- Zabbix Monitoring: Custom alerts & scripts, Custom Application Monitoring, Business Metrics & Alerts.

- Graphite: Realtime Conversion Tracking,  Realtime Application Monitoring, Data Visualization.

- Data aggregation: Scribe for multi-server environments, statsd for real time collection of metrics.

Automation & Development

- Automatic Deploys:  Migrate traditional deploys to fully automated through git, github-hooks or capistrano.

- Bulk Websites: Massive wordpress provisioning, Drupal Aegir setup.

- AWS/Cloud: More than 300 instances already deployed, multi-region replication, custom integration into AWS services.

- Networking Scripts:  Custom vpn setups, advanced reverse proxies, wierd/complex routing.

- Data collection : From scrappy to any data mining technology you can name.

System/Network Operations

- Openx: Automatic campaign setup, cluster hosting setup

- Live Migrations: Servers migrations with zero downtime.

- DNS Management: Geo DNS, Advanced Migrations

- High Avaiability: Load Balancers, Database Replications.

- Backups & Data Recovery:  Database, Code & Servers, Full Restores, Backup Integrity Tests.

It’s not there what you need?

Our staff it’s multiple disciplinary, we are passionate about learning and not afraid of new challenges.  Contact us for a quote, if we can’t provide it most likely we can help you find a local expert.

Common Consultancy Cycle

A common consultancy cycle for first time customers would be like this:

- Customer contact us with their problem. (short call/chat ~30min max)

- Staff contact customer with a propposal, quote and a free one time guruHub contract (no subscription) to sign.

- Customer accepts quote, work is scheduled and  required information is provided (access, available contacts, etc).

- While our Staff work on your issue we will keep you informed. In case a non-expected problem arises staff will alert your technical contact.

- Issue is resolved. Our staff will send you a report of tasks done and any relevant information for your technicians.

- At this point the cycle is done. If you wish you can schedule a phone conference between the technician that made the work and your tecnicians for a QA session.

We are very aware of the consequences of our work on production servers and we won’t ever take any action that will result in downtime or loss of information without asking you for your consent. In case staff found the problem to be different from the requested if we are able to fix it in the same budget we will do it.

How to request Consultancy?

You can contact us from Monday to Friday between 9:00 UYT (12:00 GMT) to 18:00 UYT (21:00 GMT). Outside business hours we only provide premium consultancy, please call directly to our phone.

Remember consultancy tasks must be scheduled with three days in advance. For emergencies refer to premium consultancy services.

You can find us through Skype (guruhub_support), E-mail (, Phone (+59899763902, +59898674020).


Premium Consultancy

What makes premium consultancy it’s one or more of the following:

- You need work done with short notice.

- You need work done by named contact.

- You need work done outside business hours.

- You need work done by an external consultant.


Consultancy Prices

Pay as you go:  75.00USD / Hour

40hs Package: 50.00 USD / Hour

80hs Package: 40.00 USD /Hour


Premium Consultancy Prices 

Pay as you go:  100.00USD / Hour

40hs Package: 80.00 USD / Hour

80hs Package: 60.00 USD /Hour


Price Discounts

We provide great discounts in our hourly rate to those who engage in three or six month contracts.

Please contact us for more information.