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      Help, I’ve an emergency. Please give us a call to +59899763902 or +59898674020. Emergency...
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    Server Management

    Currently we offer three different  plans. We can either work with your servers or provide the servers...
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    What does support solves? Our support involves all basic setup as well as all basic and advanced mainteinance...

Open source consultancy services

We are a network of highly specialized professionals and technicians in diverse areas of IT available to advise and guide you in resolving problems and challenges that require skilled professional help.

Metrics: we love data

We can collect data from all parts of your infrastructure with either #scribe, #zabbix, #logster and/or #statsd and #graphite it to visually analyze you goals and conversions linked with server load or any other info in real time; custom dashboards and smart alerts add the extra mile by alerting over trending data proactively.

Automation: we </3 monkeys

We dream about a RESTfull world full of open API's we can integrate to, meanwhile we have built deploy sistems for mass #Wordpress, #Drupal/Aegir and all kind of fun things like #VPN gateways and #Openx autoprovisioning in #AWS/Cloud and traditional #Hosting.

Operations: we move traffic

We know how much your business depends on #high availability and #server speed so we make it part of ours. #24/7support over 70 million page views a month with just #nginx and some voodoo-proxy-magic; Save your servers and money by reducing 10/1 their loads in minutes with our #cloudcache technology.